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Black Swan Lyric Video

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Listen to Black Swan & All of Toby's Latest Releases!

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Dreamt Melodies, Genre-Bending Beats

A Genre-Bending Musical Architect

Toby TomTom isn't your average musician; he's a sonic architect crafting captivating blends that defy categorization. Imagine folk's soulful storytelling infused with the raw energy of hip-hop, funk, electronica, jazz, and rock. This unique tapestry, born from dreamt melodies and acoustic guitar whisperings, creates a sound that's both strangely familiar and refreshingly original.

Inspiration Meets Innovation

Fueled by pure honesty and a boundless creative spirit, Toby's music is a journey from dreamscape to soundscape. His diverse musical palette reflects a lifetime of inspiration, drawing influences from legends like Tupac, Marvin Gaye, and Prince, to contemporary artists like Migos, alongside nods to the classics like Debussy and George Harrison.

Accolades and Achievements

Toby's talent hasn't gone unnoticed. A seasoned artist, he's a champion for rising stars. He, along with his brother, helped introduce a young Alicia Keys to NYC radio (Hot 97). He's a skilled songwriter, recognized with an ASCAP songwriting award (an award also won by John Legend). His music, often centered around his captivating acoustic guitar/vocal performances, has graced the NYC Off-Broadway stage and garnered international acclaim.

Media Buzz

Critically acclaimed, Toby TomTom isn't easily categorized. The Further Magazine captured his essence perfectly: "Toby TomTom defies categorization, seamlessly merging diverse influences into a harmonious composition. His ability to weave together these disparate elements speaks to his musical vision and fearless approach to creativity. In a world of musical conformity, he stands as a bold proclamation of individuality and musical exploration.

The Multi-Instrumental Powerhouse

A self-made musical force, Toby TomTom, a Long Island transplant with Akron, Ohio roots, is a force to be reckoned with. He commands guitar, bass, drums, piano, and trumpet, all while captivating audiences with his soulful vocals.

A Journey Worth Taking

With his boundless creativity and genre-bending sound, Toby TomTom is an artist on a captivating musical journey. Stay tuned – it promises to be a thrilling ride.

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Born 2 Be Free © Official Video
My first release! Available on Spotify, Apple Music & streaming platforms everywhere! Inspired by my youngest son and dedicated to him. Be free!

Loveolution© - the Process

This is an example of my creative process, converting Loveolution from its acoustic folk origins into a funky, genre-bending sonic work of art. A new style of music called “Fulk” haha (folk/funk).

Loveolution Lyric Video 

I so enjoyed creating this take on a lyric video for Loveolution. It's my expression of love for the world. One love, one world.

Tomorrow Yesterday Lyric Video
I may be partial, but I dig the lyrics on this one :-) - so check 'em out. Enjoyed creating this vid. Be in the moment y'all!


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